Migrants On Welfare Setup Protest, Their Demands Will Piss You Off

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No way, this can’t be real can it? Who do these people think they are? Kings and Queens that get to stomp on the lowly Christians beneath their feet?!

These Muslim Migrants staged a protest demanding their “rights” as refugees should be better than what many Americans receive, of course, they would think they deserve more than us at the taxpayers expense…

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Refugees therefore took to the streets to protest against the new rules, which means that the they have to appear in either language classes or job activation during the whole summer.

Andreas Kamm, Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, believes that this is discrimination, not at least for the children who may be sent to school or another institution, while their Danish schoolmates have summer holiday with their parents.

“I can not understand that this is a way to treat refugees,” says Andreas Kamm, to Jyllands-Posten.

Head of the Danish Association of Social Workers, Majbrit Berlau, says that the new rule is harmful for refugee children and that most municipalities have a clear recommendation that children should have at least two weeks of vacation with their parents.

TWO WEEKS! That is ridiculous. For some crazy reason, Democrats want to push as many Muslim migrants into out country as possible. Aside from the fact that this makes no financial sense, why would they think it could possibly be a good thing to let potential terrorists into our country? Obama has planned to open the flood gates and let 85,000 refugees in over the next few months if he can accomplish the horrific task.

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