Men Escaped From Prison. How They Did It…Revolting!

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That sinking feeling you get in your gut when you know you have done something really wrong and stupid, that’s what this woman felt as she got caught and cuffed. She is being sent to the very place she used to work at. Prison.

A married correctional officer was seduced by convicted killers, then she helped them with their elaborate escape. What’s most disturbing is that she was having sex with them daily! If that’s not desperate I don’t know what is. She believed them when they whispered sweet nothings in her ear about settling on a beach in Mexico and living happily ever after.

These aren’t the only men she was flirtatious with. Many coworkers described Joyce Mitchell as a flirt with other inmates. The escape was blamed on a lack of employees adhering to the strict rules they should have followed.


Another inmate said Richard Matt asked him to be a lookout during one of his so-called encounters with Mitchell during a work shift.

According to the inmate, Matt said: ‘I’m gonna get that . . . I’m gonna take her in the room, we already talked about it, she’s saying I can, I gotta be quick.’

When Matt emerged from being alone with Mitchell, he placed his fingers under the inmate’s nose, saying: ‘Here, smell this.’

Mitchell said Matt would stand by her desk daily and ask her to fondle his penis by reaching into his pants through a hole he had cut in his prison jumpsuit.

‘He wanted me to tell him how much I wanted it and how much I liked it. It’s like he needed his ego fixed or something,’ she told investigators.

In April or May 2015, Joyce Mitchell said, she took photographs of her naked body at home.


After making prints on her home printer, she took copies into the tailor shop for Richard Matt and David Sweat.

Around this same time, coworkers – both civilian and security- noticed that Mitchell’s appearance and dress began to change.

She told investigators that she had begun dieting and dressing more attractively, but claimed it was so she would look better for her husband.

By that time, Mitchell had started to willingly provide support for Sweat and Matt’s escape plan.

Eventually, Mitchell said, she decided she would join Sweat and Matt after their breakout, agreeing to meet them in her vehicle and drive away with them.

Sweat and Matt ‘zoned in on my unhappiness,’ Mitchell testified, until she became ‘caught up in the fantasy… of a different life.’

Matt kept Mitchell up-to-date about Sweat’s progress beneath the prison. At the time he was using power tools to cut through the heavy metal piping that led to the outside world.

Mitchell began to assemble equipment and other items they would need after the escape and which she planned to have in her vehicle when she picked them up.

She purchased a pair of black cargo pants Sweat had specifically requested, and on April 2, as evidenced by a sales receipt obtained by the Inspector General, she bought a compass.

Other equipment needed for life on the run – a tent, sleeping bags, fishing poles, a hatchet, a rifle, a shotgun, and ammunition – she or her husband already owned.

Mitchell testified that Matt had told her that he intended to cut down the barrel of the shotgun.

According to Sweat, Mitchell had purchased additional hacksaw blades to do so, which she kept under the seat of her 62 vehicle.

She also bought the pair maps. Mitchell said this was unnecessary as her car was equipped with GPS, but the pair insisted.

Mitchell bought a spiral-bound road atlas of the United States and photocopied the pages on New York state to avoid metal detectors going off.

Having the map inside the prison was a violation of the facility’s policy.

Mitchell said she could not swim.

Sweat said he and Matt had come up with names they would assume after reaching Mexico. Sweat would become ‘James Tuttle . . . after my uncle.’ Matt would take the name ‘Tony Goya,’ possibly reflecting his partial Italian ancestry and intended persona.

She said the future life she envisioned with Sweat did not include Matt, with whom she ‘would only be buddies.’

As Mitchell stated: ‘After it quieted down . . . Matt would go off by himself and . . . Sweat and I would be together.’

Needless to say, Sweat saw things differently. He said his communications with Mitchell were calculated only to ensure she would appear at the post-escape rendezvous in her vehicle.

‘I just wanted a ride,’ he said. At Matt’s request, Mitchell also smuggled in items not essential to the escape, including Bacardi 151 and Wild Turkey she had poured into plastic water bottles.




As their escaped near, Mitchell and the killers discussed the possibility of killing her husband Lyle.

According to the report, she said: ‘Oh, pop my husband, he’s worth more to me dead than he is alive.’

Scott’s report said security lapses at the maximum-security facility located 25 miles south of the Canadian border were longstanding.

Joyce Mitchell pleaded guilty to a felony for helping the prisoners smuggle tools for the escape. This is one deeply disturbed, very unhappy woman. The prisoners must have sensed that and made their move on her in order to escape. At one point, Matt even told her he loved her, to soften her up and get what he wanted, which included oral sex and escape. This will not pan out well for Mitchell, it was well thought out, not a spur of the moment decision on her part!

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