Member of Religion of Peace Brags About Attacking Trump Supporter

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A self-identified black Muslim showed up at a Donald Trump rally in San Jose and confronted a Trump supporter with violence.  He chased him down and tackled him and then bragged about it on social media.

The San Jose police haven’t said if they’re going to charge the Trump supporter with running in a public space, but they’re certainly not going to charge the Muslim.  That might incite violence.

On the other hand, since Barack Obama and the Mayor of San Jose both blamed the riots on Trump, maybe they’ll charge him.

Here’s Barack at a fundraiser (where else would he be?)


President Obama, talking to individuals at a Democratic National Committee fundraising event in Miami, said, “It is very important for us to remind ourselves of who we are and what is best about American democracy and not slip into some of the bad habits that currently manifest themselves in the other party.”


If that’s not enough, here’s San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo.


“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Liccardo said.


Liccardo is a Democrat who supports Hillary Clinton.

The attacker has been identified, and now he will be ignored.

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