Leftists Invite Refugee & Child Bride Into Their Home, Then See What He Left In The Woods

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These nut job Liberals demanded that Muslim refugees should be allowed their child brides, and even went through the effort of inviting them into their home just to have karma bite them in the butt.

This 38-year-old pedophile left the home that had given him an open invitation and fled to the forest. The entire situation and many others like it have caused Democrats to question their beliefs on this subject. They may have a conscience after all.

After approving asylum for a 38-year-old Islamic refugee and his 16-year-old bride in 2015, liberal Swedes shunned common sense and morality, believing that keeping the pair together would be best for the young girl. When the couple was reported missing from Stockholm on March 19, as a large percentage of refugees do upon admittance, the open borders activists began to worry.

Aftonbladet reports that after several months of searching for the missing couple, a dog walker found the mutilated body of the child bride was discovered in a heavily wooded area in Hökarängen. Her corpse was well-hidden with moss and twigs, only uncovered when the owner’s dog led him to the grotesque scene.

The owner was especially troubled by finding the girl’s body, describing her as very small and wearing a wristwatch.


“Her hands were so small, so I thought it is a child who has a men’s wristwatch on,” the dog owner told Aftonbladet. “It was like a horror movie.”
Police gave few details but confirm that they have arrested the man on June 3, who is 22 years older than his child bride, before he attempted to flee the country, according to Fria Tider. Authorities believe the girl was murdered in the forest but moved further into the woods after her death.

“Most likely the murder occurred between March 17 to 18 of this year,” says Tomas Malmenby. “I can not go into more detail on what it is at present.”

Of course, no one dares to say that this was an honor killing, although 91 percent of honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims. Everyone is probably too busy scrambling to defend why they believed that any child would be safe with a man 22 years their senior who had no problem sleeping with them. That in itself perfectly sums up leftism.

This child would still be alive had it not been for the left’s approval of such inhumanity. Liberals claimed separating children from their adult husbands would not be beneficial to the minors, but it certainly would’ve saved this 16-year-old girl from more than just the devastating mental and physical effects of child abuse.

Under liberal “progress,” the West has been fooled into believing that appeasing those who live by inhumane customs is somehow moral superiority. In the name of progress, the left adopts regressive and oppressive values quite opposite to the platform on which their wing was founded.

They have convinced themselves that liberty means accepting a tyrannical ideology. However, freedom cannot coexist with brutality, repression, and slavery, which is exactly what these child brides, and women in general, face on a daily basis under Islam.

Muslim’s and everyone that accepts their cruel behavior are way out of line. We simply can’t be politically correct and let them break our rules just because they have a perverted sense of what is right. It’s either their way or our way, no compromise in this situation, let’s just say our rules our country, they can leave if they don’t like it, no one is making them stay.

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