Lady Runs Over Boyfriend, Cops Astonished At What He’d Been Putting Inside Her

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Relationships aren’t always easy, in fact, they rarely are, but this took relationship issues to the EXTREME! The dramatic footage below was taken by security cameras after she slammed into her boyfriend with her Mustang. You might have done the same thing if you’d known what he was putting inside her without her knowledge!

The lady’s boyfriend was left with a fractured vertebra and a brain injury, ouch. He should have been honest.

Without warning, Wilke then speeds up in her red Ford Mustang and hits the man, sending him flying through the air. Although onlookers quickly called the police for assistance, the crazed woman also called 911 about 30 minutes after the incident.


Saying that her boyfriend had attacked her with a knife, police came out to talk to her, but not everything was as it seemed. According to police reports, Wilke had run over the man after learning what he had been putting inside her for an unknown length of time.

As Wilke went on to explain, the argument transpired after her boyfriend told her that he was HIV positive. During the altercation, the man reportedly laughed about the matter which sent his girlfriend over the edge.

The woman did have a minor cut on her arm but officers still placed her in handcuffs and sent her butt to jail facing two counts of aggravated assault. Many people think she should be in jail, I’m not sure I agree, I see why she was furious. Although I would have gotten revenge somehow, not sure I would have run over my boyfriend with a car, maybe she should try ex-lax in his brownies next time…


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