Is That a Koran, or are you Just Happy to See Me? BLAM!!

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A Muslim with a Koran stormed into a Denton, Texas IHOP restaurant and approached a customer having breakfast who was wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt. He started screaming at him telling him he needed to accept the message of the Koran. The two got into an argument that carried into the parking lot and IHOP management told the Muslim to leave and called 911.

Police arrived and gave the obnoxious Muslim a ticket for trespassing.

That’s when the fun began.

The Muslim’s next stop was the hospital where he harassed employees and told one woman that if she didn’t take his Koran she would die and the hospital would go down. He managed to get out of the hospital and headed for the courthouse. He walked in yelling in Arabic and screaming that he wanted to see judges.

The courthouse was cleared and police arrested the man who is apparently an Iraqi citizen in the U. S. with a visa. The bomb squad searched his car but didn’t find anything but some empty paint cans.

He was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats on top of the ticket he got for trespassing.

The big question is whether or not Barack Obama’s immigration department will send him back to Iraq. He was in the country legally on some kind of visa which, in any sane country would be immediately revoked. But we are talking about Barack Obama’s “America.”

It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Obama and Paul Ryan get this guy a green card and relocate him to your neighborhood.

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