She kept driving for a MILE with THIS wedged in her windshield after a night of bar hopping!

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His head was resting on the passenger’s seat after the ordeal, she was driving home drunk after a night of bar hopping and partying.

It all happened so fast that morning when a homeless man was making his way toward breakfast, as he crossed the street he didn’t even see her car racing toward him! Her speed sent this man flying through her windshield and instead of pulling over she did the unthinkable and cruised on home.



The man’s leg also detached from his body and flew through the back window, landing on the trunk of the car.

Witnesses told Fox 5 San Diego, Sanchez got out of the car screaming when she arrived back in the cul-de-sac where she lived. She then walked around the corner and entered her home.


Edgar Esparza left his house and saw the car with the body still on the windshield.

The teenager then asked Sanchez what had happened, but she said everything was fine.

He added that her clothes suggested she had been out all night.

When paramedics arrived, they pronounced the pedestrian dead at the scene.


Investigators were seen placing evidence markers where his wallet, keys and pants had been found.
They also had to cover Sanchez’s car with a tarp sheet so neighbors couldn’t see his body.


He is believed to have been walking to a soup kitchen when he was knocked down.

This is incredibly sad! A man who hadn’t had much in life got the one thing he had left taken away from him, his life. All because of a woman’s foolish decision to party, have a good time, and then irresponsibly drive home.

Good gosh don’t be a cheapskate! Call a cab! Don’t take someone’s life over a few dollars. People can be so horrible! Sanchez has been taken into custody and is facing drunk driving charges with her bail set for $130,000.

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