Islamists Dripping In Blood Show Father Sick Surprise They Made In Kitchen

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The boys talked of nothing else for months, they were excited about packing their bags and moving to the Islamic State. These Muslim twins were just about to step foot out the door when they remembered they had something to take care of first. In no time they were covered from head to toe in blood, then they approached their father with excitement to share the news with him and their younger brother…that’s when they bestowed a lovely departing gift on them as well.

Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni had become infatuated with ISIS throughout the recent months, but things would only get worse. Before long, their parents could only look on in horror to see the brothers from Saudi Arabia express their desires to travel to the region to fight in the current Muslim “holy war.”


As any parent would do, the pair’s mother expressed her disapproval on the matter, but it didn’t seem to deter the men from their plans. Taking more drastic action, she then threatened to call the authorities and share the boys’ plans with them if they continued to idolize the mass murdering organization.

Unfortunately, it seems that her love for her offspring was actually her downfall as the boys hatched a plan to leave. After luring their mother into the kitchen, the two brandished large kitchen knives and even a butcher knife and began to stab and slice away at her.

Reports indicate that the woman died on the spot – but the two weren’t done there. Immediately after carrying out the violent murder of their mother, the twins went to track down their father and brother and attempted to do the same.

Despite stabbing their father and chasing down their brother to do the same, both were taken to the hospital in critical condition but are still currently alive. After an extensive manhunt, the boys were found about 62 miles outside of their home after stealing a car and taking off.


The horrific events shook the community, leaving many wondering why the two would have done such a thing. However, the reason is simple – they were merely doing as the Quran outlined when it comes to those who stand in the way of jihad. As Shoebat reports:

Lajeen Imran, an expert on Islamic Jihad, said that this Takfiri view thinks like this: “If you oppose my view, then you are against me, and if you are against me then you are Kafir and if you are Kafir it is permissible for me to slaughter you regardless if you are my father or my mother. This is the way they think.”
Members of Islam prove this reality on a daily basis. How many times have you heard about Muslims screaming or beating a non-Muslim because their actions don’t fall in line with the Islamic faith? How many murders have to take place before people start to acknowledge there’s a fundamental problem rooted in the religion of Islam?

These are the kind of peaceful people we live amongst?! It is scary. How can anyone assume that “peaceful” Muslims exist, when there are murderers like this who prove otherwise, and even go as far as to assassinate the one person on earth who loved them the most? Their mother.

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