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Iranian Immigrant Takes Hostages At Walmart… Cops Apply Texas-Style JUSTICE


An Iranian immigrant got what was coming to him after taking two hostages inside of Walmart in Amarillo, Texas. Moghaddam stalked into Walmart like he would any other day, only this time, he was not buying groceries he was taking hostages. The police got into a major standoff with him that lasted about an hour and a half. This Iranian didn’t fair well in the end…

“The initial call of an armed person/shooting possible barricaded suspect call came in at about 11:06 a.m.,” a statement from the Amarillo Police Department read.

“Initial information is that this was a workplace violence event. APD and many other agencies responded to the call. One or more hostages were taken by a male suspect inside the store. APD and officers from other agencies responded and entered the store, and APD SWAT officers also responded.”

That’s when they dispatched with Moghaddam with extreme prejudice.
“At 12:22 p.m., an APD SWAT officer came into contact with the suspect and shot him. Initial information is that a hostage or hostages are safe, and no one is injured except the suspect,” the statement continued. “The Special Crimes Unit will take over the investigation and will release more detail as available.”While several police calls reported an “active shooter” inside the store, the hostages were released unharmed and no other gunshot victims were found.

According to the Amarillo Globe-News, the 54-year-old Moghaddam had immigrated to the United States from Iran eight years ago. He had worked at the Walmart and was wearing the traditional blue polo and khaki pants that Walmart employees wear, although it was unknown whether he was employed there at the time of the shooting.

His wife, who also worked at Walmart, came to the scene to give police a picture of her husband for identification.

“I saw him this morning. He was happy and ate breakfast and then went to work,” his 30-year-old son Adel told reporters.

It pays to live in Texas! As soon as the cops heard about the situation they showed up with guns ready to get rid of the problem. If this had happened in California with all of the Liberal gun hating softies, the outcome could have been MUCH different! Thank goodness for the quick response from law enforcement.


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