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Insider Leaks SICK Reaction White House Had To Orlando Shooting


Just how jaded and driven by the politics of gun control is the Obama White House?  It’s this jaded.  Here’s what an unnamed senior White House official had to say about the Orlando shootings:

“… if shooting up 30 8-year-olds in suburban Connecticut didn’t change any minds, a massacre of 1,000 homosexuals during Pride Week wouldn’t matter.  “(N)obody would give a f***.”

Got that?  This official went on to say that nobody was going to try to spin the story because nobody cared about “a bunch of queers.”

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Nobody in the White House gives a f***.  Why?  You really should be able to guess.

The official said that the Muslim terrorist shooter was an employee of a government security contractor and that President Obama had leaned on them to hire Muslims.  They were told to “look the other way a little bit” on background checks and to make sure they weren’t hiring a “bunch of white weekend warriors playing Army.”

Do you believe that?  It’s certainly plausible coming from a man who would say this:  “The Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on earth.”

Democrats have the Gay Mafia vote locked up.  Their concern now is the Muslim terrorist vote.

Democrats, …dividing America… one group at a time.

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