Illegals in California to Get Free ObamaCare?

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Welcome to America…where even illegals can qualify for healthcare…and it’s free! It’s “free” to them, but not to us! Sounds like our premiums are going up again thanks to liberals.

The California Legislature passed a bill last week setting in motion a process to eventually allow illegal immigrants living in the state to purchase private health insurance through its state-run exchange, Covered California.

Illegal immigrants cannot and would not qualify for federal subsidies available to lower-income Americans under Obamacare.


The bill requires the state to request permission from the federal government to waive a provision of the Affordable Care Act prohibiting illegal immigrants from participating in Obamacare’s exchanges.

Though the health care law prohibits illegal immigrants from participating in Obamacare’s exchanges, California officials can seek approval from the Department of Health and Human Services through a Section 1332 “State Innovation Waiver” to bypass that prohibition.

California’s bill instructs the state to pursue a State Innovation Waiver from the federal government. Section 1332 of the health care law allow states to request five-year waivers from key aspects of the Affordable Care Act, including the individual and employer mandates, beginning next year.

To attain a State Innovation Waiver, a state must “pursue innovative strategies” to provide residents with health insurance, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The plan must not only ensure residents have access to “comprehensive and affordable” health care, but it also must provide coverage to either the same number of or more people covered under Obamacare.

“With a legislature writing bills for people in our state illegally, this is incentive for the world to come to California illegally,” Robin Hvidston, executive director of the California grassroots group “We the People Rising”, told The Daily Signal. “California is in the United States of America, and our legislators should be focused on legislating for our U.S. citizens.”

You Got THAT Right! We already give illegal immigrants “free” housing, “free” education and college tuition, driver’s licenses, food stamps…but I guess THAT’S not enough. Thanks to liberals like Gov. Brown and Hillary Clinton, they think we should give more! What’s a matter? Can’t you get elected without illegals?


How about we take care of our economy FIRST? Let’s help people get jobs and put America back to work. Then, let’s REPEAL the atrocious and massive failure of a healthcare plan or socialized law called Obamacare. It’s NOT affordable and Obama doesn’t care! And more importantly, Americans like me…we want our doctors back!! We also want to stop the INSANE spending and our nations debt that we are strapping our future generations with!

Oh…and if you think Hillary Clinton is going to be ANY different from Obama when it comes to socialism, healthcare and illegals…don’t bet on it.

There’s little pushback. Clinton has her wonderful new open-borders promises, which will provide companies with cheap workers and more welfare-supported consumers. Who cares if she straps the hard working Americans with billions of dollars in healthcare if it means more votes for her! Power to the people, right?

Don’t believe me? Just watch.



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