HORROR: Women Attack McDonald’s Employee Over Serving Them…

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Women who viciously attacked a McDonald’s employee for working too slow, smile happily at the camera like it’s a fashion photo shoot! It’s so disrespectful to attack someone and smirk about it. As the employee’s side of the story unfolds she says she did nothing disrespectful to the women like they claimed, she worked as fast as she could for the large amount of people ordering their food. Still, the women took it upon themselves to get “justice” for the slow service they’d received…they were even stupid enough to film it! One of the worst parts about the whole ordeal is that they involved their young children in the crime!

Police say they attacked the female employee because ‘she was working too slowly when dealing with three woman and their family and friends,’ according to NBC 24.


The Bellevue Police Department wrote on their Facebook page that both England and Jordan were charged not only with assault but child endangerment, since they not only had their children with them during the assault, but the children were ‘participating in the incident.’ Whaley was charged with assault.


Jordan was also already on probation.


I can’t believe the nerve these ladies had to grin for the camera. Even if the worker was too slow they could have handled it like adults and told the manager that they weren’t satisfied with their service. Instead, they chose to act like white trash. Is society so far gone, that they can’t be a little understanding to someone who’s having a bad day?


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