Hillary’s illegal $100 million project :

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Well, we all knew it was only a matter of time before Guccifer 2.0 exposed more of the real Hillary Clinton. It seems based on Guccifer’s finding, a foreign billonaire named Hansjorg Wyss has joined the slimy Democrats in trying to continue to spread the “progressive agenda”.  Do you think the mainstream media will report on this little global group of maggots? Highly doubtful.

Here’s the story from The Washington Free Beacon:

A Swiss billionaire and seven-figure Clinton Foundation donor is pouring millions of dollars into a nonprofit voter registration and turnout operation and appears to have shared information about the project with the Democratic Party, a leaked document reveals.


Hansjörg Wyss is accelerating a $100 million registration and get-out-the-vote plan in order to more quickly impact elections and the U.S. policy landscape, according to a document detailing the proposed work by his charitable group, the Wyss Foundation.

The document details the scope of Democratic efforts to boost grassroots organizing, and sheds light on how some of the left’s deepest pockets are facilitating those efforts through nonprofit vehicles generally restricted to charitable activity.

Wyss is a controversial figure. He is currently being sued in Washington state court over allegationsthat illegal drug tests by his former medical device company resulted in patient deaths.

According to the memo, the Wyss Foundation initially planned to spend $100 million over the next five years on voter registration, outreach, organizing, and legal and policy advocacy on voting laws. But that won’t be enough, the group said.

The document, titled “Wyss Foundation Democracy Strategy Discussion Memo,” was saved in a Microsoft Word file suggesting it was created in March 2015.

“We believe these efforts will alter the electorate, but they will not do it in time to fully achieve the Wyss policy agenda within the next ten years,” the memo stated.


To speed the effort, “we are proposing … to accelerate a portion of that (approximately $75 million) into an immediate five year window, and spend it on a registration and engagement surge.”

The bulk of that increased spending, or $50 million, would go toward the registration surge. “Given the high cost, this would have to be done in partnership with other funders,” the memo notes.

Another $25 million would go toward “integrated engagement and organizing” and “non-voter research and outreach.”

“If we don’t invest heavily in the Democracy strategies now, there is a risk that our ability to drive our issue agenda will be severely curtailed,” the memo warned. “These investments lay the groundwork for robust, transformative issue campaigns.”

Holy Catastrophe, Batman!

When you think about it, It’s not really that farfetched, considering all the unreported sleazy facts on Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Isn’t that what the Clinton Foundation is for…funding Clinton’s progressive, one nation world?

It’s as if all the progressive billionaires got together and said “Let’s really screw with the US political system!” I mean, come on ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS will go a long ways towards community organization, voter registration and funding lobbyists, and changing laws to manipulate US elections.

They will just target the same people they claim to support – low-income, minorities – the uniformed, uneducated voters who they brainwash to believe they will take care of. I suppose if you want to destroy the world with the socialistic likes of George Soros and Peter Lewis…you won’t care.

However, for those of us that are educated – this is unlawful, unethical, and right up Hillary Clinton’s alley, especially since this little punk, Hansjorg Wyss, has been a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation. Wyss in not a citizen, doesn’t have a green card, and shouldn’t be allowed to donate to any election in the US, because it’s AGAINST THE LAW. I doubt that anyone will prosecute this scumbag, especially as long as we have a Democrat for president.


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