It’s Happening: Hillary Email Server Unraveling

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If Hillary plays nice with Obama, he may wait to release the “dirtload” of incriminating emails until AFTER her election. Of course, the courts have ordered him to do otherwise with some of the emails. It looks like there will be a lot of “dirt” to go on, based on recent evidence. My guess is Obama and Hillary will be playing “let’s make a deal”.

WASHINGTON (AP) — State Department staffers wrestled for weeks in December 2010 over a serious technical problem that affected emails from then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s home email server, causing them to temporarily disable security features on the government’s own systems, according to emails released Wednesday.


The emails were released under court order Wednesday to the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch, which has sued the State Department over access to public records related to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s service as the nation’s top diplomat between 2009 and 2013.

The emails, reviewed by The Associated Press, show that State Department technical staff disabled software on their systems intended to block phishing emails that could deliver dangerous viruses. They were trying urgently to resolve delivery problems with emails sent from Clinton’s private server.

“This should trump all other activities,” a senior technical official, Ken LaVolpe, told IT employees in a Dec. 17, 2010, email. Another senior State Department official, Thomas W. Lawrence, wrote days later in an email that Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin personally was asking for an update about the repairs. Abedin and Clinton, who both used Clinton’s private server, had complained that emails each sent to State Department employees were not being reliably received.

After technical staffers turned off some security features, Lawrence cautioned in an email, “We view this as a Band-Aid and fear it’s not 100 percent fully effective.”

The AP initially reported Wednesday that the emails described security features being turned off on Clinton’s own private server, but State Department spokesman John Kirby clarified hours later that the emails described “a series of troubleshooting measures to the department’s system — not Secretary Clinton’s system — to attempt to remedy the problem.”

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Clinton has repeatedly denied there is any evidence her private email server ever was breached. Her campaign did not immediately provide comment Wednesday.

Days after the technical crisis, on Jan. 9, 2011, an IT worker was forced to shut down Clinton’s server because he believed “someone was trying to hack us.” Later that day, he wrote, “We were attacked again so I shut (the server) down for a few min.” It was one of several occasions when email access to Clinton’s BlackBerry smartphone was disrupted because her private server was down, according to the documents.

In a blistering audit released last month, the State Department’s inspector general concluded that Clinton and her team ignored clear internal guidance that her email setup broke federal standards and could leave sensitive material vulnerable to hackers. Her aides twice brushed aside concerns, in one case telling technical staff “the matter was not to be discussed further,” the report said.

The State Department has released more than 52,000 pages of Clinton’s work-related emails, including some that have since been classified. Clinton has withheld thousands of additional emails, saying they were personal. The emails released Wednesday were not made available until after the inspector general’s office published its report, and Judicial Watch asked a federal judge to force the State Department to turn them over.

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Of course, this isn’t the first case of her wrongdoings and it certainly won’t be the last against Clinton while she served as Secretary of State. Conveniently, all of her staff, including Abedin, have taken “the Fifth”. My guess is they all want jobs in the next Clinton administration. You didn’t really think they would have high morals or ethics, did you? I wonder what other evidence Guccifer or Guccifer 2.0 have on Hillary Clinton that they are holding out on?

Clearly the evidence continues to stack up against Hillary and her unethical practices. Don’t you wonder how much of our military secrets Clinton sold out America and her soul for, just so she could stash cash in the “Clinton Foundation?

I have to agree with Rand Paul when he said that Clinton should retire because her use of her private email was just the latest of a long list of reasons…I would add “crimes” created by Clinton while she was in office. Enough already! It’s absurd to think that liberals think she is STILL qualified to be president.


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