It happened in a split second, he didn’t realize the threat was real!

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Death hung over this bosses head after a nasty spat with his coworker.

Cox, the employee at a construction company, became so irate when arguing with his boss that he took vengeance into his own hands with a six-foot level and a front-end loader.


The 32-year-old worker – who goes by the nickname ‘Pork Chop’ – then allegedly hit Byrd with a six-foot aluminum level, knocking him out, WESH 2 reported.

The pair had been arguing at about 7:20am at a construction site for a new Wal-Mart when Cox used a front-end loader to dumped dirt onto Byrd, pinning him to the ground, witnesses told police.

Byrd, unable to free himself, could only watch as Cox then got another load of dirt and dropped it onto his body, burying him up to his waist.

‘Please hurry, somebody come out here. He just hit him with a loader and is about to kill him,’ one witness said in a 911 call. ‘Somebody tried to kill him on my job, please come out.’

That witness said the dirt was followed up by repeated attacks with the level, leaving Byrd unconscious and with a four-inch gash in his head, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The police report said that Cox was ‘standing over Byrd cussing and laughing about the situation’ after the attack, and only then did a group of men dig Byrd out.
Byrd was taken to hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured skull and bleeding in his brain,WFTV said.

In his defense, Cox claimed that Byrd had been argumentative and foul-mouthed from the moment he arrived at work at 6:30am, and that Byrd had threatened to beat him up, then spat and swung a fist at him.

Talk about temporary insanity! People let their emotions get away with them and do absolutely CRAZY things. Cox said he hit Byrd in self-defense because his boss threatened to cut his head off, and that the second load of dirt was an accident. Cox was arrested and charged with battery but has since been released on $5,000 bail. I don’t believe a word Cox says; he has a history of aggravated battery, domestic violence, and battery convictions to top it off.

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