Guess Who Was a Guest at Obama’s White House? Hint: “Orlando”

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Last week, we had another terrorist attack during the Obama administration. Every year since Obama has been in office, Americans have had at least one attack by a terrorist. Yet to say the words, “Radical Islamic Terrorism”…that’s very difficult for President Obama. It’s as if, he thinks the rest of us that believe it, must live in a fairy tale world. How could just saying the words “Radical Islamic Terrorist” make a difference, any way? Afterall, Obama has said, the future must not belong to those of us who slander the prophet of Islam.

It’s no secret that Barack Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. If there’s any question about that in your mind listen to this.

This is once again an important question because the father of the shooter at the Orlando gay nightclub seems to spend a lot of time at the White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.
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The father recently deleted his Facebook page which had lots of pictures showing him at the White House and the State Department. The dialogue on his Facebook page indicated he was meeting with senior staff.

Needless to say the White House the State Department won’t comment.

This is the same man who said his terrorist son was a “good son” right after the shooting. This is the same man who was an outspoken advocate of the Taliban and has a television show where he routinely defends them. He describes the Taliban as a “good government organization.”

Why was this Taliban sympathizer standing behind the president’s podium? On his Facebook page he said he was meeting with administration officials. His claims can’t be verified and the White House refuses to comment. Wouldn’t it be easy to just produce records that show that he never met with administration officials? After all, don’t they keep records of visitors to the White House?

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Here is a picture of the Taliban sympathizer outside State Department. Like the White House they refused to comment on whether he met with anyone.

They also refused to comment on why Hillary Clinton’s State Department squashed an investigation into the mosque that he and his terrorist son attended in Fort Pierce, Florida. Not only was the investigation stomped out, but all records relating to it were destroyed. Again, why does the State Department refuse comment on this?

There are lots more questions that the Obama administration is refusing to answer.

Why were the FBI investigations of the shooter stopped? Why did the administration put rules in place that no investigation into potential Muslim terrorists could go beyond six months? Why did the FBI ignore the fact that the shooter had been in close contact with the Muslim terrorist suicide bomber who also happened to be a member of the Fort Pierce Mosque?

For that matter, why has the news media been able to establish that the shooter had been threatening to murder people since his elementary school days? When 9/11 happened and the announcement was made at his school, other students were in shock and our little terrorist in training was celebrating. After that he has a long record of threatening to kill people who didn’t like Islam. The news media brought this to light within a week. If the FBI knew about it, why did they ignore it?

So the question remains, who did the shooter’s father visit when he was at the White House and who did he visit at the State Department? What was the substance of those meetings? And why hasn’t the administration even bothered to deny the visits?

The answer is probably in Hillary’s email.

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