Girl Comes Out Of Tunnel Slide In Tears, Mom Sick When She Peers Inside

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It was a regular park day like any other, Amy Smith didn’t see anyone else around at the park, so when her daughter came out of the slide with big crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks she was immediately scared. When she looked inside she felt like vomiting as she locked eyes with the very thing that had sliced her daughter open.

The tunnel slide is typically Smith’s daughter’s favorite part of the playground, but now she’s too scared to go back after a traumatizing Sunday afternoon in the tube. When little Demi-Mai came out and went running to her mom in tears, Smith was caught off guard by what was on her child’s behind and dripping down her legs. Never did she expect what she was about to find next.


According to the Mirror, Smith and Demi-Mai were at Kitson Park in Torquay, England over the weekend when the sobbing girl came to her mom with blood covering the back of her legs and on her diaper. They’ve been to this park before and never has such a thing happened, but this time was different after what an awful person intentionally did.

Smith said she found broken glass on a portion of the slide that appeared to have been intentionally put there to harm children. Badly cut with some shards still embedded in Demi-Mai’s little legs, the horrified mother rushed her to the hospital where she had to receive special care.

The little girl is recovering at home, her mother hopes to spread the word so that no other children have to go through this. Check your kids play equipment before you let them go in public parks. It’s sad that where kids once used to play without fear, they now have to be worried about which slides they go on. Even though this young girl’s legs may heal her fear will never go away.

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