“Gays For Trump”?

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Barack Obama finally came out with a statement expressing his sympathy to the victims and their families and after the jihadi murders of nearly 80 people in San Bernardino and Orlando in the last year the president still can’t bring himself to say the words “Islamic terrorism.”

This imam, who is very widely respected, made no bones about it. “Death is the sentence. We know there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Death is the sentence.”

Straight from the mouth of an imam who spoke at a private event hosted by a mosque not that far from where the Muslim shooter butchered 50 people.

The police chief in Orlando has already trotted out and imam talked about how horrible this was and how it has nothing to do with the “Religion of Peace”.

Nobody bothered asking about the imam who is demanding the “compassionate death” of all homosexuals. Nobody has bothered asking Barack Obama about the imam who is demanding the “compassionate death” of all homosexuals.

It’s shocking that the leadership within the homosexual community has not and likely will not say a word about Islamic terrorism. It’s even more shocking that the Obama administration – which considers itself a friend of the homosexual community – refuses to say anything about the slaughter of homosexuals in Muslim countries.

“Gay rights” groups think nothing of suing a baker who won’t make a wedding cake or suing a florist who won’t provide floral arrangements for homosexual weddings. Those same groups won’t utter a peep about a death cult that calls for the compassionate killing of their group. Neither will the Obama administration.

They won’t say a word when Muslims throw homosexuals off the tops of buildings.

What did the Obama administration say?… Nothing. …The president was probably on the golf course.

They won’t say a word when the government of Iran exercises its power under Sharia law to execute homosexuals.

What did the Obama administration say?… Nothing. …They were too busy “negotiating” a deal with the Iranians to make sure they could get a nuclear weapon and the delivery system to wipe out Israel.

With the Obama administration, it’s just a matter of priorities.

But then again the homosexual leadership, by and large, are staunch Democrats. Courage has never been one of their hallmarks. Unless they’re standing behind a lawyer, and even the lawyers are dumb enough to stand between them and the Muslims.

The big question in this election is going to come down to not the “gay leadership” but rather the people on the street. The people who are absorbing the wrath of Muslim terrorists. Orlando won’t be the last time Islam targets their community.

Will the few survivals find it as an important enough issue to stop voting for Democrats? We will find out in November.

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