Gay Pride Flags in Washington Replace the American Flag on Mainstreet

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Since Obama has been in the White House, we have seen numerous times when the liberal LGBT flag has flown in place of our country’s flag. You name the city…it’s most likely happened! Recently it was in Spokane.

The city of Spokane, WA has apparently decided to leave the union.

It’s apparently not gay enough for them.

They pulled down the American flags that usually are found hanging from street lights on Main Street and replaced them with this:

2 Flags 2

That’s right, it’s the Gay Mafia flag.

Homosexuals and every other kind of deviant living in the Spokane area will be out celebrating their deviance next Saturday from noon to 1 pm with a parade down Main Street.

It’s their 25th anniversary celebration of “coming out” in Spokane, a conservative part of Washington State.

Well, apparently it used to be a conservative part of the state.  Now they’re pulling down Old Glory and putting up banners celebrating Glory Holes.

2 Flags 1

I’m pretty speechless.  What I’m not… is surprised.

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