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Gay And For Trump


An anonymous member the Gay Mafia wrote a blog post at PJ Media that will likely come back to haunt Democrats and especially Hillary Clinton.

In the wake of the Orlando Muslim terrorist attack this activist said he or she will no longer “swear allegiance to a piece-love-unicorns progressive philosophy that only helps to get my fellow queers killed.”

5 Gay 2

The activist goes on to admit that the Gay Mafia are, in fact, at war with Christianity. And she declares victory over Christians calling them “toothless non-players in the culture wars.”

He goes on to say, “Meanwhile, Muslim extremists, with guns, murderous, and on the left, our only response is to bleed about Islam a phobia and jump through hoops trying to explain away the self-evident religious motivation for the killings.”

She notes that she regrets voting for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary noting that Clinton – like Obama – is more interested in appeasing Muslims than defending the lives of gay people.

He goes on to note that on November 8th he will be voting for Donald Trump. After an appropriate rant about how unacceptable Trump is he gets to the million-dollar point.

“… he’s the only person saying anything about putting the brakes on Islamic extremism, and in light of what happened last night in Orlando, suddenly that is the only issue that really matters when it comes to the health, well-being and safety of the queer community.”

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I’m not going to comment on the craziness in this post about Christianity. I’m not going to defend Donald Trump although I couldn’t disagree more with the author about both of those things.

What I am going to point out is that while the author’s opinion may not sway most of the gay vote I’m pretty sure it’s an opinion that is shared by a majority of the 98% of Americans who aren’t gay.

And THAT is a big problem for Democrats.


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