Free Gun Classes for the LGBT Community: Here’s Who Turned Out

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Shortly after the Muslim terrorist attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando the Shiloh Shooting Range in Houston, Texas offered free gun classes to the LGBT community. Hundreds of people responded.

Jared Anthony was one of the first people to respond to Shiloh’s offer of free concealed carry classes. What they learned was more than they expected.

“We learned gun safety. We learned that it’s not … It’s a big responsibility. If you do carry, it’s something that you need to take seriously. You are providing a service to the community really.”

Shiloh owner Jeff Sanford said “everybody has been so excited to be able to come out and do this. And it’s been a great learning experience, not only for my community but for their community as well. Their learning about their rights and learning about License to Carry Class and they’re absolutely thrilled to take it.”

So far over 300 people have responded and Sanford said the offer would continue until everyone has been trained.

Let’s hope this opens the doors for people to see that Democrats have been lying to them about their right to bear arms, and maybe it will open their eyes to the fact that Democrats are lying to them about everything else as well.

We’ve all heard the Democrat mantra – “You don’t need a gun, the police will protect you.”  The next time you hear that remind the fool saying it that the Muslim terrorist who murdered 49 people in Orlando got into a firefight with a cop when he walked in the door at 2 AM.  The police finally killed him at 5 AM.  He was in the club for three hours, in close quarters with over 300 people and nobody tried to stop him.  The cops sat on their hands for THREE HOURS while he murdered people.

The police carry guns to protect themselves, not you.  Never forget that.

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