Freddie Gray Lawyer Attacks Greta Van Susteren: Guess What Happens? [VIDEO]

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The “black community” is heating up over the not guilty verdict handed down in the second trial of a Baltimore police officer in the death of Freddie Gray.  The Gray family attorney – who has already fleeced the city of Baltimore for $9 million – got into it with Greta Van Susteren last week over racism at Fox News.

Billy Murphy really doesn’t need to be looking at Fox News if he wants to find racism.  All he has to do is look in the mirror.

Van Susteren’s question to Murphy about whether he would have indicted officer Noel set Murphy off on a racist rant that ended up with Murphy indicting Fox News as “racist.”

“So, if I think the whole network’s approach to the black community is racist and that’s a relevant thing to say during this program, I can’t say it?”

Greta did a good job of shutting him down but never addressed the real issue.  There is racism running rampant in every major U.S. city today.  The issue is, the racists are in the “black community”.  Nobody seems to want to say that, but I will.

People like Murphy – and #BlackLivesMatter – go crazy when a black man tries to kill a police officer and the officer defends himself but they don’t give a tinker’s dam about the thousands of blacks murdered every year by other blacks.  Not a peep.

They’re not interested in fixing their community, they’re only interested in blaming somebody else for problems that they and their slave masters in the Democratic Party created with welfare and a complete lack of accountability on the part of individuals in the black community and the community.

While we’re at it I’ll note that Baltimore – and especially the black community in Baltimore – is better off without Freddie Gray.

We’ll see if a new President and a new Congress will be willing to address the real problem.  No matter how it turns out in November I don’t hold much hope.


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