Frantic Lady Calls Cops To Her Home, Then They See What’s In Her Window

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Police in Rhode Island received an odd phone call from a very desperate woman. They rushed to her house only to find something they didn’t expect at all. As they stepped inside her home what they saw had their mouths gaping open.

May was a very hot month for this state and the older couple had no one they could ask for help. In desperation, this woman turned to the police. So the officers did what needed to be done because this 84-year-old woman and her husband had been trapped in this suffocating muggy home for far too long. They had already tried to fix the A/C once but failed.


According to a social media post made by the Pawtucket Police Department, Sgt. Spetelunas went to her home and immediately offered assistance in an outside-of-the-box way to the woman and her aging husband. Calling on the help of Officer Borsari, the two went outside the couple’s home and created a scene that drew attention from all of the neighbors, one of which snapped a picture in shock of what they saw them doing.

Going right to the source of the problem, the cops installed a new air conditioning unit in the couple’s window, providing them immediate relief in their overheated home. There were still several other windows in need of A/C unit repair, which neighbors were happy to tackle for them, having been inspired by the officers’ good deed and “proving once again that kindness is contagious,” the police department wrote in their post praising the officers.

This is the sweetest story. They could have ignored her cry for help and gone about their day with what they deemed more important tasks, but they didn’t. Losing yourself in service to someone else truly makes you a happier person. It’s wonderful to know that there are still such kind-hearted people in the world today.

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