Fed-up wife, Desperate husband begs at her feet!

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When they say money can’t buy love they are certainly right! This husband was desperate to hold onto his wife as long as he could. Why might you wonder was she so sick of him?

It’s ridiculous! She says his posh family has too many rules, she came from a less fortunate home and isn’t used to the demands he was making. The pictures below make this guy look somewhat pathetic…


The woman is reported to have burnt the expensive handbags his husband had bought for her as the couple argued outside their house.

A set of pictures from May 30 depicting the event have been widely shared by Chinese media.

In the images, a young woman in a black dress appeared to be arguing with a man wearing a blue shirt and black trousers.

In the background, a pile of goods were burning.
The man tried to hold the woman’s hands in a bid to calm her down in several pictures; while later he was seen kneeling down and clinging on to her body in a desperate manner.

According to the report on Huanqiu, the woman, known as Xiao Tong, is a university student and is in her early 20s.

She was burning handbags from luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hermes, as she and her husband quarrelled, it has been claimed.
The report said she had met her ‘tall, handsome and rich’ partner on a friend’s party, and the two got married after having dated for over a year.

The man is described to be from a wealthy family who run a trading company while Xiao Tong comes from a lowly background.

The student has been treated with a bling lifestyle since she married into the affluent family, the article claimed.

Despite being offered a huge mansion, super cars and luxury fashion accessories, the woman however felt annoyed at the restrictions her husband and his family imposed on her, leading to the breaking point.

The man has not been identified by the reporters.

The pictures have ignited an outcry among Chinese internet users.

On 163.com, more than 111,000 people have expressed their opinions on the page.

One user called ‘wei da de di gua’ thought the woman had not understood herself and had rushed into a marriage hoping to live an affluent life.

The user wrote: ‘This lady wanted to live a rich life and to be taken care of, there is nothing wrong in it. But she lacked the methods and responsibility of sustaining a marriage – that’s what she had done wrong.’

An anonymous user said: ‘Real wealthy men won’t kneel down to beg a woman like this. Perhaps she had discovered that all these bags were fakes and decided to burn them.’

It’s unclear if they decided to divorce, but one thing’s for sure they need couples counseling if they stay together. She shouldn’t have gotten married so young if she couldn’t handle married life. That’s the problem with so many young marriages, they expect life with their partner to be happily ever after and tons of fun when it’s actually A LOT of work.

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