Fat, Black Woman Activist Demands Free Beyonce Tickets

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Ashleigh Shackelford is a social justice warrior.  She stands up for those who are too smart to stand up for themselves because they know they’re fools and just live with it.

Not Ashleigh.  She wants to get paid for it.  She says she and those like her deserve reparations.

“The case for reparations for fat Black bit*hes is: f**k you, pay us.”


Got that?  Need a minute to find your checkbook?  No?

Ashleigh describes herself as queer, agender Black fat femme writer, artist, and cultural producer.  She’s sure she deserves reparations because she’s FAT!

“I see thin femmes and women (of all races, actually) who are offered protection and care in ways fat black bitches are never granted.  Our dehumanization is used to humanize everyone else in the entire world, but no one wants to protect, save or celebrate us.”


“Everyone just wants to eat off our flesh until we can’t satisfy or provide for them anymore.”

Here’s a clue for you Ashleigh.  Nobody, not even a Zombie, would be interested in eating off your fat flesh.  Well, maybe a shark might, they like blubber.

“Let me be clear, though: when I say, “F*** you, pay me,” I mean, “F*** YOU. PAY ME.” Pay me a check, pay me consistently, provide me safe housing, offer me a job with benefits, run me those Beyonce tickets, finance my clothes and wigs and aesthetics, cultivate accessibility to spaces and provide seats that fit me, see and validate my humanity.”

Here’s a counter offer.

How about instead of reparations you have your jaw wired shut.  That serves a double purpose.  First, you can’t eat and you’ll lose your fat a**, and second, nobody will be able to hear you whine.

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