Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren Makes Anti-Trump Ad: Ends up Humiliating Herself [VIDEO]

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Elizabeth Warren, better known at Harvard as Fauxcahontas, is on the warpath against Donald Trump. She’s become Hillary’s designated hitman as she auditions for a vice presidential slot on Hillary’s ticket.

Her most recent video venture was produced by MoveOn.org and is featured on their Facebook page. It’s a real piece of work. They decided to beat up Donald Trump about his tax record but there’s a little problem with the video. They used the cut of the smiling American family that turns out to be Donald Trump supporters and they didn’t bother to get their permission before they made the video.

Here’s an edited version, nobody should have to listen to the whole thing. The beginning will give you an idea of Fauxcahontas rant and at the end you’ll see Politico editor Michael Levin and his family. Hang in there, it’s very short.


Levin noted in a recent op-ed, “All I ask, Sen. Warren and MoveOn, is that the next time you want to appropriate the images of my daughter, my wife and myself, especially considering that I did vote for the very candidate you so gleefully trash in the video, you come and ask me first.”

That’s bad enough, but the story gets even better.

MoveOn.org didn’t shoot the video, they stole it. Who did they steal it from? Thank you for asking. They stole it from Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera. That would be the Muslim terrorist network.

Al Jazeera did a special several years ago titled “The American Dream” and asked 11 family members to be in the film to show viewers what an American family looks like, and how they lived.

MoveOn.org and Fauxcahontas were in too big a hurry to edit their own video so they just stole one. And there’s no word on whether they’ve apologized to Michael Levin and his family. I wouldn’t bet on it.

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