She Dropped 50 Ft, It Was Bound To Happen…

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The distraught parents of a 16-year-old girl learned that their young daughter had taken a 50-foot plunge in the middle of the night. When they found out why their hearts broke. Could they have prevented her death?

Can you imagine getting that falling feeling you have in your sleep, only when you wake up you really are falling? Gulay Erdem was one such unlucky girl. She was known to sleep walk, the last time she was sleep walking she trotted right off the balcony of her home to the concrete below.


Investigators believe Ms. Erdem walked to the edge of the balcony in her sleep and then toppled over the railings to her death.
Hospital officials confirmed she died from serious head and multiple other injuries.

The teenager was buried on Monday in her family’s hometown of Duragan in the northern province of Sinop on the shores of the Black Sea.
Tragically, her parents had relocated to Istanbul hoping for a new start in 2007 after losing Muhammet Ali, their four-year-old son, in a house fire.

Sleepwalking affects all kinds of people over the world. Even I sleep walk, but I’ve never taken the time to think about how dangerous it can be. The number of young people falling to their deaths per year is increasing. If you have a sleepwalker in your family be sure to take precautions, you have more than just heights to worry about. Some people have even driven cars or eaten full meals in their sleep!

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