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Disney Employees Fight Off Gators: Terrifying VIDEO


Last week a two-year-old boy who was vacationing with his family at Disney World in Orlando was killed by an alligator. His family was on the beach and the little boy was splashing around in shallow water when alligator came up and got him.

It turns out that alligator may not be a one-off.


Disney employees have been complaining to their management that guests have been feeding alligators near the area where the little boy was killed. Disney management ignored their concerns. Knowing Disney, they have probably been too busy developing policy on transgender bathrooms to worry about alligators.

Alligators seem to be a well-known problem in the area. Splash Mountain is one of Disney World’s most popular rides and although patrons don’t know it, it appears as though there are alligators just waiting for somebody to step in the wrong spot.

Watch as this Disney employee fends off the gator right next to Splash Mountain.

Disney is now running around putting up beware of the alligator signs along with wooden posts and rope to seal off the beaches near where the alligator grabbed the toddler. Given that the alligator in the video is nowhere near the beach, Disney World may turn into a real vacation spot for alligators as well as people.

My guess is that the personal injury lawyers are going to be having their next convention at Disney World.

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