Democrats are Suddenly FOR Building a Wall? Incredible…

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Democrats have been screeching to the high heavens about Donald Trump wanting to build the wall on the southern border to keep out illegal aliens. They think being able to come into the U. S. illegally is a “human right.”

You’ll be shocked to find out that they don’t apply that same standard to their convention in Philadelphia.

Interestingly enough the wall they’re going to put around the Democratic convention is called “no scale fencing.”

The reason that term is so interesting is because Democrats have, for decades, been saying that the only thing it takes to defeat a 10 foot fence is an 11 foot ladder. And now miraculously they come up with “no scale fencing” to protect their convention delegates and their candidates from the unwashed rabble.

Apparently Democrats think that they are entitled to protection that they want to withhold from American citizens.

Philadelphia’s FDR Park, which is right next to the convention area, will be outside the security perimeter. That’s where Democrats will try to keep the Occupy Philadelphia rabble. This is a group made up, apparently, of Occupy Wall Street veterans who have set up a Facebook page and are organizing on social media to get people to disrupt the Democratic convention.

At last count they had at least 20,000 people who are committed to being in Philadelphia. Given that the Northeast is “Bernie country” I don’t think it would be all that difficult to find 20,000 people – or a lot more – to show up in Philadelphia and raise all kinds of hell.

If you’re not old enough to have watched it, go to YouTube and find some videos of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. The demonstrations in Chicago elected Richard Nixon president.

As you watch the Democrats in Philadelphia take special note of their “no scale fencing.” If they can put secure fencing around the convention center to keep the rabble away from Hillary and their delegates, what’s preventing them from putting it on the southern border to protect American citizens?

The answer is simple. They care more about illegal aliens who can be bought off with welfare from your tax dollars and turned into Democratic plantation voters.

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