Democrats Applaud Successful Asylum Center, Then See What’s In Refugee Bedroom

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Blind leftists were excited over the progress they had made at an asylum center for mostly Muslim refugees. They wanted to prove once and for all that migrants are peaceful and can coexist with us as long as we extend them kindness and our trust. However, this latest incident has many changing their minds. On Sunday afternoon as workers were making their rounds checking the bedrooms they made a ghastly discovery that sent them running for their lives!

In the midst of the refugee crisis, Sweden is perhaps the harbinger of stealth Sharia in Europe. Now called the “rape capital of the West,” Sweden is the number two country in sexual assaults, meaning that 1 in 4 Swedish females will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Of course, the same Muslim population that’s demanding women cover up to avoid rape is committing 77 percent of said rapes. If that isn’t a foolproof method for promoting Sharia, nothing is.


Unfortunately, Sweden’s liberals aren’t the ones paying the price for their devastatingly flawed political agenda. In fact, the victims of “multiculturalism” are often the most innocent.

Earlier this year, Swedish authorities launched an investigation into alleged abuse against “poor, helpless” refugees at an asylum center in Jönköping, but they’ve discovered that it’s not the migrants’ safety they needed to ensure.

Only 4 months after an international outcry over allegedly “abused” refugees, workers stumbled upon a grotesque find in one of the asylum center’s bedrooms. The Express reports that on Sunday, police were called at 1:30 p.m. to investigate the grisly murder of a 25-year-old female who had been killed and hidden in a refugee’s bunk.


Police were careful not to release crucial information, like the name and nationality of the victim or the suspect they have in custody. Still, one can assume that this is because of the nation’s affinity for criminal migrants and disposition of political correctness.

“Asylum centres have been a problem for us and we have had frequent calls to sort out fights and other disturbances,” Lindesberg police spokesman Stefan Wickberg said in March. “People in these centres live too close together and many of them come from war zones. It’s not easy for them to all get along.”
However, “getting along” is quite the understatement. As expected, this is the fourth murder at a Swedish asylum center in 2016. This includes the gruesome murder of Alexandra Mezher, a death which rocked the world.

Mad World News reports that Mezher, 22, was brutally stabbed to death by one of the left’s privileged “child refugees,” who continued his savage attack as she desperately tried to drag her bleeding body to safety. Leaving a trail of blood, Mezher was heard begging for her life as Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, a 21-year-old Ethiopian migrant who entered the country as an unaccompanied minor, finished what he started.

With a population of under 10 million, Sweden took in over 160,000 asylum seekers in 2015 alone. Refugees from that year account for nearly 2 percent of the total population, which can be added to the 5-percent Muslim population since most of the asylum seekers are from countries with a 95-percent-and-higher Islamic population. Considering that almost 78 percent of all rapes in Sweden are committed by the migrant population, the high migration rate makes this even more disturbing.

It doesn’t come as a shock that Democrats refuse to acknowledge the facts sitting in front of their faces. Stats show that Muslim tolerance does not work. More of them are violent than are peaceful. Why put ourselves at risk to be conquered by these people? They expect tolerance, yet they are intolerant of us.

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