They Couldn’t Hide When Isis Found Them! Nothing Could Save Them!

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Their hands were wrapped around stones, standing there ready to cast judgment, unsure if they were really guilty, they just wanted a show. A crowd gathered, watching the way these married men accused of adultery, cried out in agony and took their last breaths.

These pictures below are sickening. The four men are shown blindfolded praying before the execution under the terror group’s warped interpretation of Sharia law.


They are surrounded by a huge crowd including children who have gathered for the chilling spectacle, believed to be somewhere near the Tigris River in Iraq.

A summary for the photographs, which were uploaded online, reads: ‘Implementing the limit of fornication on four married men.’

In another image several militants are seen hurling them at the prisoner, although the victim is not seen in the shot.


As often is the case with stonings, the prisoners most likely suffered unbearable agony until their skulls finally ended up being crushed.


Whoa, this is ancient history, why are people still being stoned to death for adultery?! That kind of ridiculous thing happened back in biblical times! Sharia law states that men and women will be stoned to death over this type of sin, people who are unmarried and have sex out of wedlock get the “light” punishment of being lashed. This is cruel and inhumane, these people are pure evil.


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