Cops Searched Drunk Driver, Found Out Way More Than They Wanted To Know!

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This guy took kinky to a whole new level. If I were him I’d never be able to show my face in public again! When he got pulled over at a DUI checkpoint he was flagged down because he and his passenger smelled like alcohol. The man failed a number of sobriety tests and then finally admitted to having five shots before he got behind the wheel. That’s not the odd part, though…

As he was being escorted to the police car he stopped the officers and asked if they could get the key…to the chastity belt he had attached to his penis! Talk about an uncomfortable silence.


There were two keys, he said: one on his key chain, and one on a necklace around the neck of his female passenger.
The woman, named in the report as 44-year-old Rebeka Alexander, was also ‘highly intoxicated’.
A second officer retrieved the keys and handed them over to jail personnel when they arrived at the station.
The police report did not elaborate on the background of the chastity belt or Eidam’s relationship with Alexander.
Nor did it specify whether the belt was unlocked at any point during Eidam’s detention.
Eidam was charged with DUI and possession of a handgun while under the influence.

How humiliating. Not only does he get to wake up feeling sick the next morning he gets to relive the shame of announcing he wore a chastity belt and watch his face get broadcasted all of the media. Sucks to be him, shouldn’t have stepped into the car drunk.

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