Concealed Carry – 1; Axe-Wielding Attacker – 0 [VIDEO]

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Democrats refuse to admit it, but Americans practicing concealed carry save lives every day.  Shannon Watts, the founder of “Moms Grabbing Guns” pushed the lie that a good guy with a gun doesn’t exist.

Shannon is a liar.  She’s not mistaken, she’s not misinformed.  She’s a liar.  And once again, we’ve got the proof.

Today’s episode of “Shannon Should Keep Her Lying Trap Shut” took place in Seattle, one of the least gun-friendly places in the nation.


A customer walked into a 7-Eleven store with an ax and attacked the clerk.  There were customers in the store who likely would have been next were it not for a “regular” who comes in every morning to buy coffee.

As the ax-wielding attacker went after the clerk, the regular customer – a 60-year-old senior citizen – pulled out his concealed pistol and fired.  The attacker went down.  The clerk got away with a small cut to his stomach, a minor injury that was treated at the scene.  The attacker was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man with the ax never said a word, just came in swinging.  If it hadn’t been for the “good guy” with a gun certainly the clerk would be dead and who knows how many other customers too.

Take that Shannon!  You stupid b*tch.

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