Clinton Delegate Attacks Bernie Sanders Supporter With Cane [VIDEO]!!

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Things are starting to get ugly among Democrats. I can’t wait for Philadelphia!  In New York last week, a Hillary Clinton supporter actually attacked a Bernie supporter with a cane.  Really, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Moumit Ahmed, a Bernie Sanders supporter and a “woman of color!” was hit from behind by an elderly man identified as Nicholas Stilch.  Stilch is a State Committee Member of the Democratic Party.  This is just classic.

Ahmed took to Twitter after Stilch hit her.

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Apparently Hillary Clinton supporters at the New York Democratic Party delegates meeting last week shut off all dissent from supporters of Bernie Sanders. The chair of the meeting refused to accept motions from the floor and Ahmed – Co-founder of Millennial’s for Bernie was trying to rally Sanders supporters to mount a challenge.

She walked forward toward the podium and a man reportedly smacked her on the upper back, reportedly leaving a “little bruise.”

She turned around to confront him and he reportedly hit her with his cane and tried to trip her. One bystander suggested that since he was old she shouldn’t worry about it.

She reported the assault to Democratic staffers and they did … absolutely nothing.

Here’s the scene.

An old white guy, drenched in “white privilege,” assaults a “woman of color” with his hand and then again with his cane. Where in the world is the New York Times? Where’s the Washington Post? Where is MSNBC? Why aren’t they running the story at the top of the news cycle?

Oh, that’s right, he’s a Hillary supporter and a Democrat.

Can you imagine what the news cycle would look like if this old guy had on a “Make America Great Again” cap? We would never hear the end of it.

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