What This Church Did Took Guts!

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Some days Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church may only have a few congregants. It’s not necessarily considered influential in Hood River, Oregon, located about an hour east of Portland.

The Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church is taking on Islamic ideology through their church’s message board.

When news broke last month that this tiny church in rural Oregon had some harsh words for followers of Islam, Pastor Michael Harrington was called a bigot by multiple media outlets and even the town’s mayor.


Harrington posted messages last month on the board that read: “Wake up Christians. Allah is not our God. Muhammad not greater than Jesus.”

Local officials are not happy about it, according to a WND report.

“I’m not politically correct. I’ve never been politically correct, but I think I’m biblically correct, and that’s what matters to me,” Harrington said. “It isn’t against any particular denomination. It’s just the fact that I have taught and will continue to teach that I have one God, one way of salvation and one Bible that’s holy.”

Here’s the other side of the marquee:


The other side of the marque states: “Only the Bible is God’s Word. Koran is just another book.”

KATU first reported on the sign late last week, and other outlets have picked up the story. On Sunday, about two dozen protestors showed up at the Belmont Drive church with their own signs, said pastor Michael Harrington.

“You don’t see any protests when it’s Christianity being bashed. How come they can put those things up but this Oregon pastor can’t put a factual, biblically based sign up on his own church property?” asks Pastor Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim who came to the U.S. from Iran and operates the Truth In Love ministry based in neighboring Washington state. “And I’m so glad, thank God, that he’s not backing down.

“People are hungry for some courageous pastors,” Pastor Hadian continued. “They’re like an endangered species. Can we find a courageous pastor anywhere in America? That’s I think why people are so fired up about this, is we’re actually finding one who will take a stand.”

The sign usually reflects the message in an upcoming sermon, Harrington said, and he changes it at the start of each month.

“People are misled and confused about the true God,” the 74-year-old pastor said. “I was letting them know the difference between Allah and God.”

Muslims and Christians both claim to worship the God of Abraham, though followers disagree on whether the faiths truly share a deity.

Harrington said he doesn’t hate Islam or Muslims, but he does believe the United States is threatened by Islam, which is the fastest growing religion in the world.

It is way past time for Americans and Christians to stand up against Radical Islamic Terrorism and Islam. It’s refreshing to see Pastor Harrington taking a stand. Terrorism is real. The attack on America in Orlando was real, but you won’t hear Obama use the words “terrorism” and “Islam” in the same sentence.

It is time for Christians to WAKE UP and unite as ONE America against Radical Islamic Terrorism!

Can I get an “AMEN”?




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