Chilling Special Ops Forces Invasion of U.S. City [VIDEO]

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Every year the Special Forces Industry Conference brings together thousands of people involved in special operations from all over the world.  This year it was held in Tampa.

It’s quite a show, operators jumping and rappelling from helicopters, rappelling down buildings and firing off thousands of rounds of blank ammunition.

This year Tampa’s mayor volunteered to be “kidnapped” and rescued by the special operations forces in his city.


I have a soft spot in my heart for these guys, our son was one of them when he was in the Marine Corps.  He never went to Tampa and he never fired blanks.

This year the exercise included SEALs, Marine Raiders, and Army Rangers along with various special operations groups from other countries.

The mayor’s rescue was heavily advertised and thousands of spectators showed up to watch from rooftops and party boats as the operators arrived in Blackhawk helicopters supported by smaller gunships and riverine attack boats.

The mission was executed in daylight so the citizens of Tampa could enjoy the show.  In reality it would be conducted in the dark of night.

The operation lasted about a half-hour and here’s what it looked like.

Mayor Buckhorn was rescued and the rescuers even let him fire one of the 50 caliber machine guns (blanks) on the way back to shore.

A good time was reportedly had by all.

I’ve had the pleasure to hang out with Special Operations Marines.  I was the cook.  They are the finest people in the land.

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