CHILLING…Immigrants sneak up on a man like dead zombies in broad day light!

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This is very disturbing. A local resident along the Rio Grand border was caught in the middle of a group of illegal immigrants that were about to take something important of his…his truck. He was inside the truck when they approached him. They came around the border fence looking for a getaway car, a truck isn’t really the fastest car you could grab but they were desperate. Luckily, he had a gun and fired a single warning shot, then they took off. There is just one thing still troubling him…


Monsees was able to get a good look at the group, because it all happened around 3:30 p.m. He said their boldness worries him.

“The aggressiveness and the fact that they are willing to come to me,” Monsees said. “I’m supposed to be the bad boy in the neighborhood? Maybe I am. But, this much is true, if they will approach me like this in the daytime, what chances a woman have or an older man who is not able to defend himself?”

The one warning shot was enough to send the group of people running. Monsees said the border along Cameron County is not secure, and those who cross the border illegally will continue taking their chances to get to the final destinations.

“They have nothing to fear. Once they’re taken in, they are not charged,” Monsees said.

Monsees wants increased DPS patrols along the Rio Grande in Cameron County, like there is in Hidalgo and Starr counties.

They are still looking for the group, but if they made it across, nothing will be able to make them leave. Not until we get a new president that is. Monsees now carries his shotgun in the back of his truck. These people invading our country are like ants and the government has taken away our raid! They’re just going to keep coming until our home is so rundown that there will be no difference between the U.S. and Mexico.

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