Childhood Friend of Bill Clinton GOES OFF On Hillary:

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If you thought “50 Shades of Grey” was wild, wait until you read former Dallas attorney, Dolly Kyle’s steamy thriller – “Hillary: The Other Woman”. It;s going to make “50 Shades of Grey” look like a lightweight. Kyle pulls no punches.

Dolly Kyle has known “Billy” since he was about 13 and she was 11. They met on a golf course in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They were friends in high school. Friends in college. Lovers as adults. She’s got the dirt on Bill and Hillary and it’s in her new book.


She doesn’t hold back when it comes to either of the Clintons. Bill’s a “sex addict” and Hillary’s a “racist” and “terrorist”. Well, can’t say we disagree on the first claim. Here’s Kyle’s thoughts on Hillary in a recent interview with Sean Hannity:

Kyle said to Sean Hannity, “Watch the imperious way Hillary treats anyone beneath her, especially young black women.”

Hannity asked if Kyle was accusing the former first lady of racism. Kyle did not back down, repeating the charge and even saying the same could be true of the man she calls “Billy” Clinton.

“I am absolutely suggesting she’s racist,” she said. “And I talk in the book about the racial discrimination lawsuits that were filed against Billy when he was governor that were filed by blacks and by Hispanics. Did you know that at one point he told the Arkansas state police to stop and search every car driven by a Hispanic in the state of Arkansas? And they sued him, took him to federal court, he got reprimanded by a federal judge, and he got so mad about that, he told the state troopers they could stop and search any car they wanted to search.”

Kyle’s book, [Hannity] suggested, is a way for many people to find out the truth about the Clintons’ past. The talk show titan also slammed the mainstream media for its eagerness to smear presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump with false stories even while pretending the Clintons’ have nothing to hide.

In contrast to phony reports from the mainstream media, Kyle’s book contains years of personal revelations about Bill and Hillary Clinton from a witness who was there and who is prepared to stand by what she said. It’s also a deeply personal journal of survival from a woman who was assaulted by a friend of former President Bill Clinton, who then went on to watch her childhood friend go on to abuse women in much the same way she was abused.

But what about the “terrorist” remark?

In another interview Dolly Kyle with Stephen K. Bannon:

Kyle recalled her angry reaction to watching Hillary Clinton declare “women who say they were raped or sexually abused should be believed.”

“That lying hypocrite, who has attacked every woman Billy’s had any kind of sex with!” Kyle fumed. “The nerve of her to say that! And I will say this: There are hundreds, if not thousands, more women he had relations with of some sort, and you know why you haven’t heard about them? Because they are terrorized to speak anything.”

“Hillary is a terrorist,” she said. “She uses lies, threats, intimidation, violence — whatever it takes to achieve her political ends.”

I invite you to look up the definition of terrorism… adding, “It changes people’s lives by changing their decisions about what they would otherwise do…”

Kyle said that if “the media were doing their jobs,” Hillary Clinton’s declaration of unquestioning support for every victim of sexual abuse, except the women who have been exploited by her husband, would “come back to haunt her every time she opens her mouth — which, of course, is why she hasn’t had a press conference in over six months.”

“What has Hillary ever done on her own?” she asked. “I mean, she was Secretary of State, she traveled a million miles. What did she accomplish? What did she ever accomplish?”

Amen! Amen!

Looks like according to Dolly Kyle, a lifelong friend of Billy’s that Hillary has accomplished being a “liar”, “racist” and “terrorist”. Guess we’ll just have to read her new book to find out more. Sounds like a good hot summer night’s read.

Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir, which includes a forward by a former chief investigative counsel for the Clinton impeachment.








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