Charlie Rangel and the Brave Democrats Want These Guns to Protect Them

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Charlie Rangel was one of the Democrats who held a “sit in” on the house floor last week demanding new gun-control legislation. I’m sure if it was up to Charlie he would sign on to the “Australia solution” of gun confiscation that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton love so much.

Charlie is opposed to ordinary citizens being able to legally carry a weapon to protect themselves. As part of a discussion about corrupt NYPD officers selling gun permits in New York City, The Daily Caller asked him how he felt about the difficulty of being able to get a concealed carry permit in New York City. “I’m glad to hear you say that very few people get it. We don’t need that many guns.”

There are 37,000 people who hold concealed carry licenses for New York City. They include wealthy business leaders, elected officials – like Charlie Rangel, judges, and attorneys. But if you are just an ordinary guy – or gal – who wants to protect their family, hell will freeze over before you get a permit.

Charlie Rangel is one of the most corrupt members of Congress, and that’s saying a mouthful. The House Ethics Committee, last week, found him guilty on 11 of 13 corruption charges. Their report will now go to the full House where disciplinary action will be voted on. While Charlie could be expelled from the Congress, he certainly won’t be. After all he’s a Democrat and is a member of the Black Caucus. It would probably be racist to expel him. And most likely even if they did his “constituents” would just reelect him in November.

The bottom line is that gun grabbers like Charlie Rangel, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, oh heck, the whole Democratic Party, want to implement the “Australia solution” that Barack and Hillary love so much. The only “common sense gun regulation” they really believe in his confiscation.

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