Can’t Blame A Guy For That

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I have known James for a little over a year I guess. He shows up at our Sunday feeds and frequents the Reach Out Center. A very kind guy with an ocassional temper. He has some kind of handicap label no doubt. But just another human aching to be loved is how I see him.

Around a month ago I was sharing some smokes with him on that break bench on the south end of Albertsons. He is divorced with a few kids that live in another town. He has a mom and an older brother in town who won’t let him stay with them.


I don’t care what label you give someone, it does not measure their emotional depth. Albertson’s speaker was playing some soft 80’s music. James has a very sweet singing voice that surprised me a little. Those songs were reminding him of his ex and he was expressing the hurt of that relationship. At that time he thought he would remain homeless for a while, just so he could rest and work out his emotions.

He was expressing his anger and frustration at the feed yesterday, kicking his shoes around and making a scene. There is a pretty middle-age woman that all the hobos and low-income people know. She is pretty and affectionate and kind of mother’s the men a little bit.

She had a boyfriend for a year or so who is either on the road or in jail. Her being single is causing a little tension amongst the guys, and James was mad at her. She likes to drink and was hanging out with a guy who had some beers or something a little stronger.

100 degrees outside, living under the bridge, shitty shoes, no shower, carry what you own on your back, is wearning thin for James. He has had some low rent apartments in the past.


But when you have one every one wants to stay on your floor and eventually you lose it. He is all ready to try and get one again with the $350 a month he can afford. “This time no one is staying on the floor,” he said.  My guess is he wants some female companionship, can’t blame a guy for that.

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