California Gun Laws Only Apply to You, Not California Royalty

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First we had legislators exempt themselves from Obamacare. Now they are exempting themselves from the same EXACT laws they want YOU, as citizens to follow – gun-control laws.

The California state Senate voted 28-8 Wednesday to exempt itself from the pointless gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the populace. Legislators apparently think they alone are worthy to pack heat on the streets for personal protection, and the masses ought to wait until the police arrive.

This is just one of many bills Golden State politicians used this legislative session to set themselves apart from the little people, the ones who pay their inflated salaries.


The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided in a 7-4 ruling that California counties may restrict permits for carrying concealed firearms in public.  That decision overturned a 2014 ruling that prompted some California counties to relax  their rules.

“It should not be minimized how big a victory this was for gun control advocates,” said UCLA law professor Adam Winkler. “Not only does it affirm the constitutionality of restrictive conceal-carry laws in California’s major cities, it also makes it less likely the Supreme Court will step in.”

The ruling came at a time when lawmakers in Sacramento have been considering a flurry of gun bills and as California voters prepare to consider a likely November ballot measure on gun control.

“California has really been pursuing  a gun control agenda more vigorously than any other state in the nation,” Winkler said.

“The 2nd Amendment may or may not protect to some degree a right of a member of the general public to carry a firearm in public,” wrote Judge William A. Fletcher, a Clinton appointee.  “If there is such a right, it is only a right to carry a firearm openly.”

“Because the 2nd  Amendment does not protect in any degree the right to carry concealed firearms in public,” Fletcher wrote for the majority, “any prohibition or restriction a state may choose to impose on concealed carry — including a requirement of  ‘good cause,’ however defined — is necessarily allowed by the Amendment.”

Thursday’s decision “avoided answering the critical legal question of whether, if concealed carry is prohibited,  some form of open carry of firearms must be allowed,” Michel said. “California law bans open carry, so the constitutionality of that ban will now have to be tested.”

The Supreme Court has been reluctant to take gun control cases in recent years. The death of Justice Antonin Scalia, who favored gun rights, also has left the court deadlocked 4-4 in some cases. Legal analysts said the court was unlikely to take on such a major case without nine justices.

The California Rifle & Pistol Assn. said Thursday’s decision showed the 9th Circuit was “out of touch” with most Americans.

“This decision will leave good people defenseless, as it completely ignores the fact that law-abiding Californians who reside in counties with hostile sheriffs will now have no means to carry a firearm outside the home for personal protection,” the group said.

Under CA law, the lowly citizens have to have a license and “have good cause”. And guess what? Simply for self defense does NOT apply as “good cause”. You, the lowly citizen, would have to feel threaten or have a restraining order…or…you know, be close to where it’s almost too late to really need it…because you will most likely be dead from those thugs who threatened you in the first place.

As for the politicians and legislators who have annual compensations of about $140,000, not counting luxurious perks such as taxpayer-funded cars and free gasoline…don’t worry, you didn’t really think they would have to follow this stupid gun-control law, did you? Certainly not. They are exempt. In otherwords, they know the laws they pass don’t make sense, especially the gun-control laws for the average citizens. They’re not stupid. They STILL WILL be protected and able to protect themselves from the everyday lowlifes and thugs. You and I, not so much. But hey, that’s why they make the BIG bucks!

California….hope you have plenty of police force…because now that the criminals know this, expect your crime rates to go up even higher…like Chicago. Did I mention there were over 64 people shot and 6 dead over 3 days, Memorial Day weekend, in Chicago?

Let’s pray we get another Conservative Justice like Antonin Scalia, who favors gun rights, nominated to the Supreme Court soon.



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