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BREAKING: Onlookers SHOCKED, Beast Drags 2-Year-Old Into Water At Disney Resort!


Parents of the young two-year-old were horrified as they saw the scene unfold right before their eyes! What was supposed to be a fun family vacation/work conference, turned out to be the worst day of their lives. They hold out hope that their son might return…

The boy’s father followed the alligator into the water and tried unsuccessfully to free his son from the beast’s clutches. He was treated for minor cuts and scratches.

The first reports came into authorities at 9:16. A team of divers and a 50-person rescue team, some equipped with sonar, were sent quickly to the scene. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said he hoped to find the boy by daybreak.

“As a father, as a grandfather, we’re going to hope for the best in these circumstances, but based on my 35 years of law enforcement experience, we know we have some challenges ahead of us,” Sheriff Demings said.

While there were no signs warning about possible alligators in the lake, there were signs posted advising against swimming.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, a large luxury resort, is connected to Disney World by the world-famous monorail line. Hotel guests said they were stunned.

Prayers are sent out to the family, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and grief these parents are going through; the loss of a child is an unfathomable heartache I hope to never endure.


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