BREAKING: OJ Simpson May Confess?

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I grew up watching OJ play football, first at USC and then at Buffalo.  He was amazing to watch. I’ll never forget watching him gain 200+ yards in the snow against the New York Jets.

He was even more amazing in the courtroom.  “If the glove doesn’t fit, you have to acquit.”  And he walked.

He walked even though every American capable of rational thought knew he was guilty as hell.  There have been countless stories, and even a mini-series and documentary about the case.

Nicole Brown’s family sued him in civil court and won a $33 million wrongful death verdict but he was still on the street.  At best it was a moral victory.  They didn’t get a nickel.

Then came Las Vegas and OJ really stepped in it.  He got convicted of armed robbery and a variety of other offenses for taking back some sports memorabilia and he got a 33 year sentence.  He’s up for his first parole hearing next year.

Ron Shipp is a friend of The Juice and he says OJ is tormented and not doing well behind bars.  Shipp says he thinks that if he is granted parole The Juice will fess up and remove all doubt.

The best reason to do that is that his son Jason, by his first marriage, is being looked at by conspiracy theorists as the killer.  Martin Sheen is even producing a documentary accusing him.  OJ could take that heat off his son.

Even if he confesses to the murders he’ll never do a day in jail because of double jeopardy rules.  But OJ, it’s time.  Actually, it’s past time.

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