#BlacklivesMatter to Train Police Departments for Obama Admin


Obama is now using #BlackLivesMatter in an advisory position, helping guide police forces all over the nation!

What? Yes, it is true! The same #BlackLivesMatter that accused capitalism and white supremacy of being responsible for the Orlando terrorist massacre!

Why is the federal government  involved with local municipalities in the first place? Oh yeah, this is the Obama kingdom!

Obama is now using #BlackLivesMatter in an advisory position, helping guide police forces all over the nation!

This little gem was discovered when the President addressed the Howard University Commencement Ceremony:

“Brittany Packnett, a member of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Campaign Zero, one of the Ferguson protest organizers, she joined our Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

“Some of her fellow activists questioned whether she should participate.  She rolled up her sleeves and sat at the same table with big city police chiefs and prosecutors.

“And because she did, she ended up shaping many of the recommendations of that task force.  And those recommendations are now being adopted across the country — changes that many of the protesters called for.”

Yes, many of the changes that the “protesters have been demanding”, Obama is trying to force down the throats of your local law enforcement!

Obama is now using #BlackLivesMatter in an advisory position, helping guide police forces all over the nation!

#BlackLivesMatter have made their demands clear:

WE DEMAND free tuition for Black and indigenous students!

We demand that school administrators, professors, staff, and student leaders acknowledge their racism, be it overt, covert or passive.

We demand that Purdue create and enforce a required comprehensive racial awareness curriculum for all students, staff, faculty, administration, and police. This curriculum must be vetted and overseen by a board of diverse students, faculty, and staff….

No new jails, prisons or immigration detention centers.

Oh my…If I started listing all the demands, we would be here all day. Google “blacklivesmatter demands” and you will find enough to keep you busy!

Breitbart wrote an article containing 25 of the “most nutty“.

If Ronald Reagan were here, he would say to Obama, “There you go again!”


Alicia Garza, co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, talks with Ari Melber about the impact the movement has had on the U.S. and American politics, and what candidates should say and do to meet the demands of #BlackLivesMatter supporters.



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