Apple Develops the iHillary

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Every four years major tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook provide funding and technical support to both parties for their political conventions. To varying degrees that won’t be happening this year.

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft – all very far left companies that support Democrats to the hilt – will be providing at least some support to Republicans in Cleveland. Apple refuses to donate either technology or cash to Republicans because of Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims and illegal aliens.

Apple has communicated privately to the GOP Establishment that they will be taking a solid stand against Trump for a variety of reasons including Trump’s criticism of Apple and their CEO, Tim Cook, over Apple’s stands on encryption.

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Apple has never been a big player working with either political party for their conventions. They typically loan some computers for the conventions.

There’s a widening rift between Silicon Valley and the Republican Party, at least the Republican Party represented by voters and not the Washington Establishment, has high tech companies like Apple demanding more H1B visas to hire cheap foreign labor rather than U. S. college graduates.

Silicon Valley seems especially offended at the idea that Trump might deport some 15 million illegal aliens and build the wall on the Mexican border. Tim Cook might have to resort to mowing his own lawn and cleaning his own house.

Most of the tech industry will be in Cleveland, but once the conventions are over you can bet they will all come out in force for Hillary. Google is already fiddling with their search engine algorithms to favor Hillary. It will be interesting to see just what links they’ll go to.

This is just another reason for me to never buy an Apple product.

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