7 Greedy Food Stamp Thieves BUSTED!Anderson Cooper is Officially Sick: [VIDEO]

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Anderson Cooper CNN turned an interview with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi that was supposed to be about 49 murders at an Orlando gay nightclub into a disgusting exhibition on homosexual marriage.

Cooper, who is a charter member of the Gay Mafia, confronted Bondi about her defense of a Florida constitutional amendment on same-sex marriage that was supported by 69% of Floridians. Here’s four minutes of the most disgusting television you’ll ever watch:


Note that there was no discussion about the murders or about what Bondi and the state of Florida are doing for the victims and their families.

Here are a couple of Michelle Malkin’s tweets that are an excellent summary of Cooper’s pathetic hit job.

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Of course those on the left thought Cooper did a great job. And that’s exactly what you’d expect from single issue idiots.

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