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Amazing Vitamin Turns Away Mosquitoes From Your Body in Time For Summer!


The worst part of camping is dealing with mosquitoes and those pesky bites that drive you mad from the itching.

The West Nile and Zika Viruses have heightened the issue, causing a clear danger!

Fear not! There are ways to make yourself unattractive to the tiny buggers!

The worst part of camping is dealing with Mosquitoes and those pesky bites that drive you mad from the itching.

It is as simple as taking vitamin B1!

Taking vitamin B1 on a regular basis changes the smell of the body to the mosquitoes, discouraging them to land on you in the first place, let alone wanting to feed on you. (Humans will not notice the difference.)

Vitamin B1 is an important mineral for the body and is found in foods eggs, oatmeal, liver, asparagus, brown rice, and kale.

It is natural and has absolutely no adverse side effects.

The recommended dosage is 100 mg of thiamine on a daily basis to keep the pesky mosquitoes at bay!

Amazing Vitamin Turns Away Mosquitoes From Your Body in Time For Summer!

Another great option is brewers yeast, a popular method used by missionaries to protect from malaria!

Brewers yeast works the same way, changing the smell of the body slightly to the mosquitoes, encouraging them to meander to the next person.

Brewers yeast can be found in pill form at the health food store, and as well can be used pure as a food additive. It goes great on salad, in milk, or is even tasty enough to eat straight!

Neither method works the day before you head into the land of the mosquitoes. It is definitely a habitual solution so get the habit started long before you go to do battle with the mosquitoes!

The FDA has made most over the counter sprays rather ineffective, but another well known remedy for a spray solution is the homemade All Natural Mosquito Repellent:

Cooled boiled water

½ tsp of witch hazel

15 drops of tea tree oil

15 drops of lavender oil

Instructions: Take an 8oz spray bottle and fill it halfway with the cool boiled water. Add the witch hazel, tea tree oil, and lavender oil.


As we head into camping season, be prepared! We definitely need the mosquitoes, just not pestering us!





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