Alligator Spotted With THIS Hanging Out of Its Mouth!

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Have you ever thought of the worst way to die? I have…suffocating would be my worst nightmare, then add to that being an alligator’s quick afternoon snack and you’ve got unimaginable pain! Police aren’t sure who the victim was, but the gator was spotted near a retirement community. The body was recovered by detectives but was so mutilated that the only piece of information we know is that the person was most likely a male.

Cops are unsure whether the alligator killed the person and was found devouring the body, or whether the animal just happened upon the corpse.

Sergeant Gary Gross told WFLA: ‘The officers got here and the alligator still had the person. He let the individual go, he is deceased, looks like this person may have been dead more than a day.
‘We don’t want to speculate but I will tell when the officer got here the alligator did a roll and had the person in contact with him.

‘The officers immediately got their firearms out in case the gator comes up. Once he left they didn’t want him coming back and pull the body back out, that did not happen.’

Once the alligator has been captured, tests will be carried out to determine whether or not the creature killed the victim.

Tests are also being carried out on the body in an attempt to identify the body and discover how the person died, police said.

Are alligators developing a taste for human flesh? This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that this has happened. Two fishermen were horrified to discover someone being eaten on a south Florida canal last week. They had been dead floating in the water several days. I’m not sure why people aren’t more careful! This is seriously scary! No one wants to be eaten alive like they’re in a Jurrasic Park movie, come on let’s have some common sense…stay away from the alligators.

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