Abortion Clinics Closing at Record Pace! They Cannot Meet Basic Health Standards!

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Abortion clinics are closing at a new record pace all across the country.

Failure to meet the health and safety requirements is the major of many reasons they are closing their doors.

Many states have been stepping up and have been forcing the baby killing centers to at least maintain the same standards of other health facilities.


Rather than forego the profit, the centers are just closing, proving that they are in it for the money!

Bloomberg reports:

Abortion access in the U.S. has been vanishing at the fastest annual pace on record, propelled by Republican state lawmakers’ push to legislate the industry out of existence. Since 2011, at least 162 abortion providers have shut or stopped offering the procedure, while just 21 opened.

Lifesite news reports:

Since 2011, at least 162 abortion clinics have shut or stopped doing abortions; 21 new abortion clinics opened in that same time period, the report states. The top four states that saw abortion clinics close were Texas with 30-plus, Iowa with 14, Michigan with 13 and California with 12, according to the report. A report from Operation Rescue also showed 53 abortion clinics closed in 2015 alone.

Lack of business has also been a major factor in the closing of abortion clinics across the country.

A recent Marist Poll shows a steady decline in support for the baby killing, even among those who believe it should be a women’s choice.

The survey shows that 81% of Americans (66% that identify as pro-choice) would restrict abortion to the first three months of pregnancy.

It also shows that 55% of American overall agree that “abortion ultimately does a woman more harm than good and that 68% of Americans do not think abortions should be taxpayer funded.

The poll also astoundingly shows that millennials “substantially” support limiting abortion, by 76%!

6 out of 10 Americans say abortion is “morally wrong,” and 8 out of 10 believe abortion should be restricted.

I happen to believe a big portion of the reason that abortion lovers are losing their battle is because of images showing that a fetus is NOT just a blank mass of cells.


Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond.



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