8,000 Americans on ISIS Kill List: Are you one of them?

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The “United Cyber Caliphate” that hacked U.S. Central Command, 54,000 Twitter accounts and threatened President Barack Obama is the same pro-Isis group that’s reportedly created a “kill list” with the names, addresses and emails of thousands of civilian Americans.

The Islamic State’s message was clear: “USA—You are our primary goal,” the hacking group posted in an English-language message on Telegram. “Your system failed to Tackling [sic] our attacks. Now we will Crush you again.”


News of the list first surfaced when Vocativ reported it was shown via the encrypted app Telegram.

The list includes data not only on Florida residents, but other states such as California, Washington, Texas, Illinois and New York.

The list features 43 names of people linked to the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the departments of defense, energy, commerce and health and services. It also identifies the U.S. embassies in Santiago and Kathmandu—as well as the Department of the Navy in Gulfport, Mississippi—as targets. It includes someone who appears to have worked for Australia’s Department of Defence.

While the group’s intentions are sinister, it’s unlikely that the so-called hack unveils much new or actionable information. The hackers list phone numbers with each person—many of which are general numbers for institutions or offices, though several appear to be correct, current office lines. The group also posted zip codes and cities—often listed as Washington, D.C.—allegedly affiliated with their targets, but no specific home or work addresses.

The information for each target was shared on individual photoshopped images posted on the Telegram group of the United Cyber Caliphate.  “Wanted to be killed” was written in English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and French below every image, which also included the hacking group’s name and the logo for U.S. embassies.

Vocativ, who first broke news of the list on Wednesday, identities are also linked to other countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago and the U.K.

Former FBI agent-turned lawyer Stuart Kaplan says the threat is especially alarming, because the people on this list are civilians who don’t have the security necessary to protect themselves.

“It’s going to create some hysteria,” he said.

Kaplan believes civilians from our community are on the list.

“I would suspect a head of a hospital or, perhaps, a local community leader. Those are the individuals that may appear on the list–or just a local banker or local school teacher–someone who, for some reason, was in the public eye.”

Kaplan is concerned the list will inspire “lone wolf” style attacks.

“If in fact a sympathizer gets ahold of this list and is readily able to identify you as being his neighbor and, then, decides (because they’re a sympathizer) to go out and do something horrific to you, there is no way to calculate the potential or to prevent that.”

Wake up people! Radical Islamic Terrorists have one goal: to kill Americans. As long as these scumbags have guns, it won’t matter how many laws you have in place. When will liberals – like Obama and Hillary – understand Gun Control Doesn’t Work! If it did, their hometown of Chicago would not have had over 60 shootings over Memorial Day weekend. Wake Up People!

The 2nd Amendment is in place for a reason: for citizens like you and I to have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves.

Since Obama came into office, he has called for gun control at least 15 times. That alone should tell you something. As long as our borders are NOT secure, illegal immigrants will continue to pour into this country, no thanks to Obama. In addition, as long as Obama is in office, and we continue to allow illegal immigrants into America from ISIS controlled countries, we will continue to have major terrorist concerns. When will Obama read my lips?…Radical Islamic Terrorists!


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